The Hot LightI don’t meet a lot of people who tell me, “Today, I’m going to wake up and look at porn.” Most people are out and about, planning on a normal day until they see something that triggers it. Whether you are on Instagram and you hit that one button on the bottom that you know will have at least one good boob shot or you are surfing your favorite website and you stumble across one of those ads on the right side and you just say screw it and click. That’s the nature of temptation.

I’ve been eating a lot better these past six months. I was sick for a while and couldn’t figure out why, so I cut out a few things here and there, and I have felt better. While on my way to the Burbank airport tonight, I stopped to grab a chicken burrito at a joint by the airport, and as I was pulling out of the parking lot, I couldn’t turn left. So I had to go right, and what did I see?

A Krispy Kreme.

I suddenly wanted a hot, fresh donut, even though I knew I shouldn’t have one.

It was 7pm on a Tuesday night, so I figured I was fine—there was no way the “hot” light would be on… but sure enough it was.

I went through the drive-through. Those hot ones were gone before I got to the airport.

I am now writing this on the plane and am feeling those donuts sitting in my stomach just a little too heavy.

If I could take it back now, I would have passed that Krispy Kreme and be content with my chicken burrito. It wasn’t worth it. Sure they tasted good, but I didn’t need them and right now how I am literally feeling terrible.

Sound familiar? I don’t know anyone who looks at porn, masturbates, and five minutes later says, “I sure am glad I did that.” (Tweet This) No. You feel like crap and wish you could take it back.

The next time I go to the airport and drive by that Krispy Kreme, I’m not just going to take the chance that the “hot” light won’t be on. I’m going to remember before getting into my car that I will be driving by one, that it could be a trigger to do something I will later regret.

Be aware that every day when you awake, as Jesus says, “The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come to give you life.”

This world will just take from you. Porn will just take from you, and never give back.

Be aware. Stay alert. And stick to the chicken burrito.

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