After a week long of fighting, my parents finally decided to end things. My dad walked into my room with tears in his eyes and said, “Joel, I have to go, you are the man of the house now, make sure you take care of everyone.” WHAT???

I was 12, I didn’t know how to be the man of the house, I barely knew enough stuff to get a C in Algebra and now I am supposed to be the man of the house? Crap.

As we look into what it mean to be a man, we have to ask ourselves…

What makes a man?

In your eyes what makes a man?

  • Good mechanic
  • Eats meat as legally rare as possible
  • Never cries except at the end of Old Yeller etc

At the age of 12 and since then, this thought has popped in my head, what makes a man? While I don’t have the ideal answer for what makes a man, I know what doesn’t… Not thinking he needs help from other people to solve an issue he might be having. Erectile dysfunction is one of those issues that can be a problem people could use help with.

Check out this article…

They say the number 1 problem a man can make is to think the problem will go away on its own.

Maybe you have had Erectile Dysfunction (ED) maybe not, but can a problem go away on its own.

It can be cause by many things according to this article…

Cardio issues, diabetes, chronic health conditions, overweight, smoking, mental issues, prostate issues, trauma to the genitalia, lack of exercise, poor diet fatigue and stress. Issues can come up and prevent us from being the man we want to be. Whether this is with porn, your marriage, your need to masturbate and the list goes on.

Sometimes we as men don’t like to seek help. It makes me think of the Super Fans from the old Saturday Night Live Clip, one of the guys played by Chris Farley would constantly have heart attacks. He would just start pounding his chest as the other guys would ask if he was ok. A typically response while pounding his chest, “No thanks, it will pass over soon.”

Being a man requires getting issues solved and not being afraid to seek outside help. If I have a broken leg, I am going to the doctor. If I have a car issue, I am going to take my car to a mechanic. If I have health mental or other issues like porn that come up, we need to be guys that aren’t afraid to man up and get help from other people.

What type of man do you want to be? One that hides from problems or one that gets the help they need?