Whats up X3ers? I am one of the new bloggers here at xxxchurch.com. Now let introduce myself. My name is Steve Sutton but everyone calls me Steve-Oh ( i added the H so i wouldn’t be confused with the MTV Steve O) I have a beautiful wife named Meredith who i will be married to for 14 years in Oct. We have 2 amazing kids Abigail 9 and Wyatt 6. Now i am leaving someone out the ruler of the house Lola our 1yr old English bulldog.

My family and i live in Danville, Va. We love to camp, fish, we all love music ( i love everything from hair bands to country to well you name it). Now one thing i do like and some folks think this is dumb but i love pro wrestling. I have been a fan as long as i can remember. I AM NOT ASHAMED!!!!  But my #1 passion is my church and serving. I serve as a church deacon and one of the youth leaders. I am also working on a mens ministry,this is something our church has been missing for years. I want our church to be known as a church that loves people and is a church that is willing to get out of its comfort zone and minister. This all starts with the men. Our men need to stand up and lead the way! Pray for us as we adventure into new territory.

Over the next few months i hope i am able to to be a light to someone out there who is in need. There will be times when i blog about things that have happened in my life. I promise you this i will be open and honest. I embrace my past, i don’t run from it. One of my favorite quotes is this “Turn your mess into HIS message” and thats what i am planning to do. I look forward to all your responses and to holding some good conversations. My first blog will be posted sometime Monday. Take care and remember LOVE JESUS/LOVE PEOPLE!