“Accountability” is a tricky word.

In many circles, it means, “I give you permission to tell me I suck.” I did a mini-poll once to see what people thought of the word “accountability” and the results were overwhelmingly negative. We tend not to like it.

But the word “connection” is different. We like connection while we resist accountability. Why? Because connection dismisses judgment and allows people to make their choices.

Connection is just a more meaningful version of accountability.

Connection is the opposite of addiction. (Tweet This!)

Connection is what we see, over and over, in our X3groups.

Check out this TED talk from British writer Johann Hari about his research in the area of connection vs. addiction. It is worth a few views and illustrates why we talk so much about X3groups and the other work we do to create connection here. Learn more about X3groups here.

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