Over the years of talking about porn through XXXchurch, one of the big things we see, over and over, is people struggling with the idea that they’re alone in their pain.

Maybe that’s you.

Maybe you feel alone. Alone in your addiction.
Maybe you feel helpless. Helpless to ever find freedom.
Maybe you feel tired. Tired of hearing these same thoughts over and over.

Now at this point, you might be thinking, “Right, right—I know I’m not alone. So what? That doesn’t change the way I feel!” We understand you there. And that’s why we want to give you something new.

We aren’t just going to tell you that you aren’t alone.

[ctt title=”Many others have the same struggles as you, and we can prove it” tweet=””Many others have the same struggles as you, and we can prove it” – http://ctt.ec/zfv40+ (by @X3church @craiggross)” coverup=”zfv40″]

Check this out: we’ve set up a brand new FREE resource to help you. You’ll find it at ILookAtPornWhen.com, and we think it’s going to explode your doubts and fears.

Here’s what happens when you visit the site: you go there, and you’ll see a huge box that reads “I look at porn when __________.” You fill in the blank yourself. Be honest.

Your text will show up alongside hundreds of others, so you can see for yourself that there are plenty of other people just like you.

Watch this video!

It’s time to come out of hiding.
It’s time to fill in the blank.
It’s time to put words to your feelings and take control over them.

Don’t handle this burden alone. Take comfort in the words of others, and know that the next person who visits the site might take comfort in yours.

When we help each other, we can do so much.[shortcode-variables slug=”x3groups-bottom-ad”]