I Read this today in Search for Serenity.  It is not meant to be in a biblical sense, but I see many times when men in recovery and those around them expect perfection and nothing less.  So I write it here thinking of how God loves us and is right there with us, no matter what, through out the journey…

  • The man who lives to himself will eventually die by himself.  The one who reaches out in sharing with others, will not cease to be a growing part of us all when he dies.
  • A sunset is only beautiful to those who take the trouble to really see it.  Appriciation of life is only possible to those whose emotional vision is unclouded by prreoccupation with the problems of self.
  • To begin again does not mean a sudden return to all that is good.  Neither does it mean that a whole life is transformed overnight.  A man is not judged by whether or not he stumbles.  A man can only judge himself by the direction he travels.  To arrive is not important.  To travel in the right direction, making a little progress everyday, is the true test of life.  Man’s search is never done.

I know, like many of you, the darkness you have seen and felt.  I know I must grow everyday.  Those who have lost their way in the darkness of inner fear have found that the alternative to growth is indescribable hell.  As hard as change is, avoiding a return to this abyss is reason enough for all of us to continue this effort.

Do not focus on the times you fail, focus on where you are going and the God who is there with you.  Bad news always attracts more attention than good news.  A forest fire is more sensational than a grove of tall trees growing beautifully together.

And this I know in my heart to be true….You are all Great men of God,

Steve G