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– Freedom from the shame that keeps you emotionally distant and isolated.

– How to live without the crushing weight of guilt and fear that seems to choke your relationships.

– What it’s like to move away from isolation and loneliness to be truly known and loved unconditionally by others.

– The ability to break free from addiction and the despair that plagues your mind every day.

Here’s what you’ll get:

– The Video Series. Fifteen video modules that will help show you the root of the pain that has caused you to start down the road of addiction in the first place. More importantly, these videos will help guide you through a process of healing that will take care of the problem once and for all.

– The Workbook. The X3pure workbook course materials are filled with the accountability tools and the solid guidance you need to work on overcoming your pornography and sex addiction.

– ONE YEAR of Small Groups Online. These groups connect people just like you. People who are learning to walk this new path and who want to encourage and inspire one another down the road. It’s a group of men who are all on the same journey you are, who are all using the same materials as you. You meet together online at a time that’s convenient for you. It’s all completely safe and confidential, and it will take your X3pure experience into the stratosphere. There’s nothing like the power of groups meeting together.

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