Jesus once told a story about how a thief cannot break into a strong man’s house unless he first takes out the strong man by tying him up. Only after he ties up the strong man can he then take all his stuff. 

One of the great dangers of the internet is that even with our doors locked and our windows barred, negative influences can still sneak right into our own homes. Porn addiction is an issue that is not just confined to the addict, but also for the family as well. And if you’re a dad, the most valuable thing you have—the one thing you don’t want stolen—is your child.

When porn is able to tie us up and hold us in its grip, we not only have to deal with the damage it does to us personally as men, but we also risk bringing its dysfunction and destruction to our entire home. We’re basically letting a thief tie us up, come into our house, and steal our stuff, our kids.

As men, we must become the strong ones in our homes. We must remain free of being entangled and enslaved by this thief. Porn will steal our marriages, our relationships, and our families and much more. Heaven forbid that we allow this poison to be passed on to our children, that we let a thief steal one of our greatest treasures—our kids.

Are we taking the steps to protect ourselves and our families not only from porn but also all the other threats that exist out there in internet land? Are we keeping our computers in public areas of the house? Are we installing the accountability software, using the passwords, and supervising our kids online? Are we talking to our kids about the dangers of wandering to unknown regions of the web? And if we are, are we then undermining our own efforts by sneaking around these barriers to feed our own addictions? 

This is more than just a bad habit. This is a mental, physical, and spiritual battle that will have lasting effects on not only our lives but also on the future generations of our family if we let it. Let’s take the steps to protect the most vulnerable and valuable people in our homes, let’s break the chains of our own addictions, let’s take preventative measures to keep our kids free. Let’s be the strong one, men, and let’s stay untied!