There is something about the Holiday Season that has forever romanced its way into our American culture. Sure, there is an aspect of it that is consumed with commercialism and excess, but at its core, in the quiet moments, we can still find that unspoken feeling of community, of love, of good will toward one another.

From the crisp temperatures of Fall that begin peeling the leaves off the trees, to the brilliant gleam of the first snow, winter is a time of preparation. Preparation for the new growth that will soon come with the approach of Spring.

Following nature’s cue, we can embrace the same pattern as people. The Holidays are a time of reconnecting and family. A time for forgiveness and coming together, a time to heal, both emotionally and spiritually.

Many people who visit XXXchurch come here because they know they need something better, something more fulfilling. Maybe you visited because you are tired of the same-old, same-old and are ready for something new.

Obviously here the focus is mainly on sexual struggles and pornography, but no matter what your issue–be it alcohol, smoking, drugs, unhealthy relationships, etc.–for change to come, the old must pass away.

So perhaps this Holiday Season can be the one where the misery of the struggle can finally lead to the death of those old ways in your life and make way for the new creature you seek to become?

For most of us in North America, winter isn’t easy. It’s uncomfortable, hard, and often ugly with the barren landscape it produces, but in the end it is always good, because it paves the way for new life! Don’t spend your life in a perpetual autumn, a season where you know you need to move on to something better, yet hesitating because you see the hard winter you must walk through to get there. A winter of confession, of humility, of accountability, of killing the old habits.

It’s no coincidence that it is during the most harsh season of the year people come together the most. The same is true here, if you’re ready to enter the winter, we can walk there with you.

Just remember that spring will always come eventually. It just may not look like it today.