Eyes of Integrity: The Porn Pandemic and How It Affects You
Chapter 3 – Honorable Men ” Equipping Guys for Sexual Integrity”Ways to Take the Thought Captive”

Following are some helpful and practical ways every man should consider in his e!ort to take the thought captive.

It is crucial to understand the severity of the porn consumption and the depth of the addiction. Even the slightest exposure can prompt a rapid downward spiral. Here is a simple scale we have found to be helpful:

0 The person has never been exposed to porn and would not know what it is.
1 The person has had brief exposure to some visual stimuli but is unaware of the e!ects of full nudity.
2 The person has had exposure to full sexual content and is curious about it; when viewed, an internal urge desires more.
3 The person has viewed porn and has a lingering desire for it. If given an opportunity, the person will engage with it.
4 The person thinks about porn, pursues it, hides it, wants it, and consumes it regularly.
5 The person can’t go a day without it.

You may not always be at the same place on the scale. Your interest can fluctuate or accelerate depending on many external and internal factors. Some people take the long road to porn addiction; others have progressed from 0 to a full-fledged 5 in less than seventy-two hours. Once a person is at a 4 or higher, successful, lasting freedom from the addiction will require outside help, from a counselor, pastor, or accountability partner; sometimes lasting freedom comes only after a humiliating exposure of the sin.

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