I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Well I never,” probably from a senior citizen. I think it’s safe to say that there are certain things we all have said we’d never do like eat animal brains, drink flat beer (I never), or wear a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt (Ok, that’s just me but I’m an Eagles fan, what do you expect?).  The point is this, we all have boundaries … we all have places we think we’ll never go.  However, this can radically change when we introduce pornography to our lives.  Porn is the ultimate line crosser.  You may think, “Well I’d never cheat on my wife,” or “I’d never use a prostitute,” or even “I’d never have sex with an underage girl (or guy)” but the reality is when porn is involved your rules eventually get thrown out the window.

I think this is one of things I hate most about pornography.  It changes a person.  It can a take a devoted husband and father and transform him into something completely different.  When I hear someone say that they think porn can be utilized in a healthy manner I laugh (sometimes openly) because I know from experience that it’s only a matter of time until that individual looks back on his or her life and wonders where the hell it all went wrong.  I consider myself a very honest person.  I value integrity above almost everything.  In business I live by this principle & I’ve lost literally thousands of dollars because of my refusal to compromise my integrity.  Here’s the thing, when I used porn … I lied … all the time.  Yes, in business I was honest but in my marriage I was a liar.  I erased my Internet history.  I said things were going well when they really were not.  I disabled my accountability software.  I often used work computers to get my fix because I couldn’t at home.  I lied to my wife and cheapened my integrity, and for what? For money, fame, or power?  No … for porn.  It’s crazy.  I never would have believed that I’d sacrifice something so important to me for something so cheap and worthless.

Here’s the thing, you may think porn won’t lead you “there” but it will.  Give it enough time & pornography will erase all of those lines you’ve drawn around your life.  Why?  Because porn always wants more from you.  It is never satisfied.  It wants to take you places you never dreamed of going and it will cause you to do things you never imagined doing.  Pornography is just like cancer; it will eat away at your soul and your life.  Don’t let it take you down that road.  Put the brakes on before you drive off that cliff.  There is help and there is hope.  You may not believe it but you can be rid of pornography.  Get counseling, take our 30-day X3pure workshop, or get involved in a recovery group like our X3group program.  The point is … do something.  Pull the plug on that destructive force in your life before it shipwrecks you.  Trust me, “Well I never” is not something that applies when pornography is involved … senior citizen or not.