Great men of God!

I have been on vacation so please excuse my lack of posts the past couple of weeks.  I then passed a milestone in life as we took our daughter to college this past weekend…it was and still is a very emotional time for me.

There was sadness for a couple of reasons.  First, my daughter is gone…her room is here but no one is in it…I stand in it and I remember…which brings me a sense of greater loss, the loss of time.  I traded a large portion of her life for sexual addiction.  I traded the real joy of life for the lie that I would find happiness.  I traded the ability to serve my family for the selfishness of addiction…I feel a great sense of loss.

I found happiness in this difficult moment, in this moment which challenged me to grow.  I found happiness in the comfort of a God of miracles.  Many said my marriage could not be saved, simply too much damage.  I could have just given up on my marriage, divorced and then tried again…but nothing is impossible for God.  I could have missed a mother and a father driving their daughter to college, I could have missed as we hung pictures in her room, set up her desk…I could have missed these 4 simple words…I love you daddy!!

If you are in this addiction, if you keep trying to say no and you can’t, what are you trading?  A marriage,  time with your family time with God?  You are trading something and I can assure you there will come a time when you will know the answer.

There is help here on this site.  On this last post (and many others) I watched as many of you traded comments towards helping each other…The honesty posted here is how we help each other…the friendships I have formed with some of you here and the men in my groups are what keep me sober, they are another place where I find happiness…another way that I forget the past and learn to enjoy this great gift which God has given me.

Find a church which is willing to talk about pornography…find a church which is willing to support a group of honest men willing to talk about their weaknesses…God will be there and you will begin to live a full life and not a life filled with regrets…We must believe that God will go before you and prepare the way for this new group.

Exodus 23:20
[ God’s Angel to Prepare the Way ] “See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.