I gotta admit, I love a “Deal.”

I think most of us do. 

So after Thanksgiving we have what’s known as “Black Friday.”

You know, that day shoppers get up insanely early, storm their local retail stores, stand in ridiculous lines, possibly trample a bystander or two in a panic to get to their “doorbuster” before it runs out, all in the quest to save hard-earned dollars.

So we wanted to offer you something BIG this Black Friday, but without the long lines, the crazy customers, and the like. 

Not only that, we wanted to offer you something new, something unique that can truly help you.

A couple of weeks ago I told you about a new resource called the Live Free Community App. Many of you signed up for it and the feedback has been crazy good!

Live Free is a ministry run by Carl Thomas, the same guy who teaches our X3pure 30 Day Online Workshop… probably our most popular workshop we’ve ever offered.

So Carl and I talked and we came up with this killer idea…

Between Thanksgiving Day & Cyber Monday, you can get this Black Freeday (see what I did there) Special Offer:

  • 1 Year Access to the X3pure Workshop (Value $189.99)
  • 1 Year Access to the Live Free Community App ($59 value)

Just $124.99

That means you get all the following:

  • The X3pure 15 Part Video Series
  • The X3pure Digital Workbook
  • The eBook Pure Eyes
  • 1 Year of Access to the Live Free Community App offering community support, weekly teaching, and additional free courses like their 10 Day Freedom from Porn Action Plan and Accountability 101

Oh, and the best part?

Carl has agreed to host a private group just for X3pure users in their community. 

This means when you sign up, you will get access to everything they offer, the X3pure workshop (also conveniently inside the app), plus access to your own private group where other X3pure members can exchange ideas, find accountability, and get the support they need. 

Let’s be honest, workshops are great. But after you are done, then what? 

What if you have questions?
What if you’d like some encouragement or people to bounce your ideas off?
What about continued learning?

We have always wanted to offer something like this (a workshop with the benefit of community and ongoing support) and now through Live Free we can do just that. 

So go eat your turkey tomorrow.

Hop on the computer and grab your Black FREEday Special Offer.

And get some holiday shopping done without having to change out of your pajamas.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Btw, And hey, if you already did X3pure or would like help in another area (like your sex life, your marriage, or parenting) we are also offering all our digital workshops for 50% at X3workshops.com. 

But starting Thanksgiving.
And only until the end of the day Monday.