xxxchurch - What You Thought You Knew (1)Recently, my friend told me that he married his wife hoping – if not believing – that she would be the end of his struggle with pornography.

“I went into marriage hoping that my wife would replace the years of women I’d given myself to behind the computer screen and yet there I found myself – in bed with her – thinking of them.”

I still don’t know how the idea that marriage solves addiction became such a prominent thought but I hear it all the time.

Whether you’re married or not, there’s a lot we need to begin to think differently about when it comes to pornography.

Today, I want to invite you to watch three free videos from the My Pilgrimage experience. They’re yours as a gift.

It is said that change begins in the mind and if we’re ever going to come to a place where we can truly call freedom a thing that is ours, then to the mind we will go.

Check out these three free videos today.

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