I’m not going to lie…I’m pretty excited today because after months of writing, editing, and waiting, my new book When Shame Gets Real: A new way to talk about sex, porn, and masturbation is available for purchase!

You can buy it on Amazon here.

When I started on this book-writing adventure, I had some very specific goals.

I wanted to write a book that was…

👉 Not just something for those needing help with sexual addiction.

👉 Not typical of other books by traditional “Christian” authors.

👉 Not apologetic about its message or subject matter.

👉 Not toned down or polished to appeal to the comfortable masses.

👉 Not laced with a bunch of traditional “Christianese” language.

👉 Not something that was only helpful for the “religious” crowd.

👉 Not academic but still grounded in research and science.

👉 Not created for “shock value,” but certainly offers some “shocking” moments.

In a word, I wanted this book to be different.

I wanted it to be honest, non-apologetic, and true to real-life experience. 

This book wasn’t written to gain accolades or followers, or get me invited into the “cool kids” circle of the evangelical world. But quite honestly, there’s a lot in this book that will very likely draw some criticism, especially from religious folk. 

But that’s OK.

Because I didn’t undertake this project to appease people. 

I wrote this book to challenge people because I firmly believe we won’t see any meaningful progress in the area of healthy sex and sexuality if we don’t significantly change the way we talk about these topics in our culture, in our families, and in our churches.

If you want a nice, comfortable read that will make you feel warm and fuzzy and uninspired to change things up, then my book is not for you.

But, if you are a…

  • Person struggling with sexual integrity,
  • Parent not quite sure how to talk to your kids about sex and porn,
  • Spouse who feels they are alone while facing the pain and embarrassment of infidelity and sexual betrayal,
  • Couple whose sex life is on life support,
  • Leader who wants to help others navigate the minefield of sexual shame and regret,

Then this book is for you.

Purchase When Shame Gets Real today and start your path to freedom from sexual shame and regret.

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