Have you ever thought about how easy it is to access anything you want now-a-days.  Fast food places on every corner, DVD’s come to your home, you can watch anything you want online, and you can even go shopping without ever leaving your house.  We have access to anything and everything we want all the time in our society. In fact, in my lifetime, I don’t think I remember a time where I didn’t have access to anything and everything I wanted. So, is that always a good thing?

With the ease of getting what you want, it makes it really tempting when porn is at your fingertips.  Just one click of a button and you have any kind of video at your disposal.  One click of a button and you can watch some pretty shady movies past 1am.  And if you’re old school, DVD’s are still available at any time.  It’s so easy to lose yourself in all the avenues that take you on detours away from God’s plan for your life.  So should you get rid of the internet or TV? And if so when is a good time for that?  All very good questions.

If you can’t get on a computer or watch something on TV without any sort of temptation and your constantly undressing women in your mind, it’s time to think about hard decisions like that.  If you want to be serious in recovery and you want freedom in your life, you have to be willing to do what it takes.  And that may mean you live without TV and internet.  I know, I know, that sounds crazy in the society we live in.  But what’s more important? Your hours of TV and internet or the John 10:10 plans for your life that God promises you in freedom?

Do you know that you are the treasure of Heaven?  Did you know that you are cherished, loved, and precious in God’s eyes? Jesus wants you to live in the freedom He offers to you and He always offers you a way out.  Don’t look at cutting out cable and internet as punishment for anything or a burden to our life, but rather a way to stay close to the cross of Jesus that gives you the strength, love, and freedom to live an amazing pure life!

Purity is obtainable! And you’re not in it alone!  I know it might not be you’re preference to be without some of these things, but you do have the strength!