Over the years I’ve helped and talked with thousands of men and women. People just like you.

People who struggle with pornography.

People married to those who struggle with pornography.

And people who don’t struggle with that stuff, but want to make sure they and the ones they love stay away from it.

Whatever the reason you ended up on our website, I want you to know this one important fact.


Most people think they are the only one who is tempted online or who has fallen into places that they are not proud of. But they are mistaken.

In fact, there are a number of people just like you, whether they are the CEO of a large company, the mom who drives the minivan with all the stickers on it, or the kid who is (or isn’t) on the honor roll.

Pornography doesn’t discriminate and it is only one click away.

This is why over 10 years ago we created X3watch.

X3watch makes it easier to enjoy the good stuff online without worrying about the rest. We introduced the software back in 2004 after hearing countless stories from people who were tired of keeping secrets.

But here’s the thing, software like X3watch only works if you involve people who are close to you and allow them to ask you the tough questions.

My friend Jamie once gave me a shirt that read “People Need Other People” and told me that most good stories require more than one character.

We were all made to be loved and made to be known, to find ourselves in honest relationships where those things can be reciprocated and exchanged. It’s one thing to have hundreds of friends on Facebook or a phone overflowing with contacts.

It’s another to really let a few people know you, to have some friends who meet you in your questions, in your pain, and in your coping.

We all deserve it—a community, a support system.

But before I let you go, I want to introduce you to Tom Ramsay.

He’s the guy who took me aside when I was a kid and helped me understand the value of accountability and importance of having people in your life that can speak into it.

Recently Tom and I got together and we shot this video.

We talk about how to start accountability relationships, how to navigate these conversations, and much more. Watch it and I believe you will clearly see why this stuff is so important in your life and in all our lives.

Stop living the same old way… alone.