My Husband is a Sex Addict

My husband is a sex addict.” There’s a phrase that can be hard to say, even when you face the facts and admit the truth.

But it’s a phrase we’ve heard it before. Plenty of times. We get emails all the time that start with, “My husband is a sex addict,” and most of the time the person sending that email wants to know what they can do about it.

How can they help? Or is there any help?

But before you can know what to do about your husband’s sex addiction, you first must come to a place where you can honestly say those words, “My husband is a sex addict.” Admission of the problem must happen before you (or he) can deal with the problem.

So how is that going?

Are you able to look at your husband’s behavior, his words, his actions, the way he spends his time, and determine that he truly is addicted to sex? Are you able to look at what’s really there, not what you hope is there? Can you examine the evidence and come away with that all-important conclusion: “My husband is a sex addict.”?

Start there.

Once you know the truth, then you can begin to move forward. And it’s important to recognize and understand that you are not responsible for your husband’s behavior. What he does is up to him, and you should not blame yourself for it (nor let him blame you for it). You both made vows to one another, and your faithfulness to those vows is not dependent upon the words or actions of the other person.

You have options, and so does he, but there’s no list of general advice for you to have at this point. But we can offer you a range of thoughts and ideas so that you can make some decisions about whether you should stick this out, and if so, how to go about doing that.

Your husband may be a sex addict, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Here’s some hope for you.

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