Oral Sex Addiction Help

Oral sex addiction is a real thing that really afflicts many people, one of whom may be you. Yes, some people have a full-blown addiction to sex, but there are still plenty of others who have only an oral sex addiction.

So here are the positives of an oral sex addiction, as opposed to all-out sex addiction: no one is going to get pregnant, and the risk of STDs is lower.

And that’s about where it ends.

There’s still risky behavior. There are still all those meaningless encounters with people you have no deep connection to, in a desperate search for a fleeting pleasure. There’s still the degradation and possible emotional pain of seeking out partners in an effort to feed your oral sex addiction.

The reality is, something is driving your compulsion to become consumed with oral sex, and whatever that thing is – whether it’s a past hurt, an emotional wound, an undeveloped self-image, or something else altogether – needs to be dealt with.

Fortunately, we have good news for you: we can help. We can help you discover the WHY behind your oral sex addiction so that you can find long-lasting freedom from it.

You don’t have to live this way. You can be free. We can show you where to start. Embark on a life of liberty and discovery. Be who you were truly meant to be.

Find what you’re really looking for here.

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