More and more info is coming out about ChatRoulette.  Parents here is a blog from our friends at  This is the most user friendly and #1 reccomendation by X3 Church as far as filters go.

Goes to show we don’t issue warnings for nothing.

RJMetrics, an analytics firm, has done some digging on the new web phenom ChatRoulette and found that like most interesting ideas on the Internet, it’s being dominated by lonely dudes and pervs. Specifically, of the users sampled (2,883) that were alone, 89% were male, and only 11% female. Furthermore, as many as 1 in 8 ChatRoulette encounters were deemed “R-rated” or worse by the firm, which either involves nudity, requests for nudity, or lewd acts.

The one bit of good news about the site is that the U.S. has the lowest perv-rating of all the countries at 10% concentration, compared to UK’s world-beating 22%.