Warren Buckleitner on the New York Time’s Gadgetwise blog observed that every kid is going to want an iPad and gave 6 reasons why. We bet he could have gone on a lot longer than that.

The iPad’s heavy emphasis on media, web browsing, and gaming will make it an absolute hit with kids of all ages, and parents buying the device can expect it to quickly find its way into little hands. Buckleitner lays out his case for iPad being a digital romper room (paraphrased for brevity):

  1. Kids think with their fingers and the iPad’s touchscreen is designed for that.
  2. Software for the iPad is easily accessible and affordable.
  3. Interactive books seem like a natural for the device.
  4. Paint and drawing apps will get a much bigger canvas.
  5. Added battery life lends itself to entertainment on long car rides.
  6. Base price makes it very affordable, though still out of reach for your average third-grader.

For these and the million other reasons that tiny fingers will soon be tapping, pinching, and zooming their way across the Internet on the iPad, we are making our Safe Eyes Mobile filtered browser available for the iPad as well as the iPhone and iPod Touch. Stay tuned.