Have you ever gotten a crummy Christmas gift? As soon as you opened it you knew it was a dud. But you couldn’t just say out loud, “What kind of a crummy gift is this?”. So you put on your best smile and said, “Oh, you shouldn’t have.” And you really meant it. Now the person that got you the gift probably didn’t mean to get you something crummy. They may have spent a lot of time trying to get you just the right gift but their sense of style and yours just don’t line up. 

One gift I don’t like getting every year is the gift of the Christmas cop-out. It happens every time someone says to me “Happy Holidays”, or “Seasons Greetings”. What holiday am I suppose to be happy about or what season am I greeting? CHRISTMAS! What happened to “Merry Christmas”? We’re not running around buying gift for Thanksgiving or New Years. We put up Christmas lights and put Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree. Why are so many people afraid to say “Merry Christmas”? This political correctness stuff has just gone to far. It’s only a matter of time before the political correctness starts creeping into all the other days of the year we celebrate.  We’ll just have to say “Happy Holiday” all year round so no one gets offended. Bah Humbug to that!

It’s funny how companies will go out of their way to be politically correct with something like Christmas but when it comes to peddling soft-core porn to our kids they seem to think that’s just fine. Have you seen some of the pictures these companies put in clothing catalogs that cater to teens or their billboard ads with teens that are showing more skin than clothes. So what are they really trying to sell our kids? These companies will stand firm against saying “Merry Christmas” as to not offend but having half naked teens grace their advertisements is just fine with them. Where did their political correctness go? Or is soft-core porn politically correct? 

So as you go about your Christmas shopping make sure the places you buy your gifts aren’t peddling soft-core porn because that’s crummy. Besides, there are plenty of retailers who don’t stoop to that level and they may even say “Merry Christmas” to you as you go.