There are thousands of stories that have come out of WWII; stories of villains and heroes and tragedies and triumphs. Earlier this month we celebrated the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. If you watched the opening scene of the movie “Saving Private Ryan” you have some idea of the horror the US soldiers faced as they stormed the beaches of Normandy. And if you made it through that scene you saw their eventual victory. But there is another story I heard recently that I thought was fascinating.

A Japanese solider, Lt. Hiroo Onoda, was sent to fight on the Philippine island of Lubang in 1944. He and his men were to conduct guerrilla warfare on the island and attack various military installations. As the war came to a close he was never made aware, by his superiors, that the war had ended. He had come across leaflets saying the war was over and even some newspapers but he thought it was a trick to get him to come out of hiding. Being unaware the war had ended he continued to hide in the jungle and carry out his original mission for 29 years. Through an amazing series of events his original commander came to the Island to tell him the war was over and that he could stop fighting.

Parents, so many kids are wandering around, like Lt. Onoda, on an island unaware. Their island is porn. They don’t know that what they’re doing online is ruining their future relationships, their perceptions of the opposite sex and, in the end, their lives. They’re in a battle and don’t even realize it. They may see some warning signs that what they’re doing is wrong but they don’t believe them.  How many years will they continue unaware of the damage they’re doing to themselves and others.

Parents, if we don’t talk to our kids about the dangers and damage porn can cause we help them remain on the island unaware. Sometimes even when we tell them of the dangers of porn they don’t believe it (cause we’re just old). If they can’t see the dangers themselves and if they won’t believe us you do have another great option. Point them to a resource like They can see and read stories from their piers about the dangers of porn. And maybe, just maybe they’ll believe them.


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