Education of both parents and children is key to any successful online safety strategy, and the founders of KidSafe are taking just that approach.

The article points out that parents should create an Internet safety contract with their kids, but the article does not go into detail about what the contract should contain. To those parents interested in the idea and seeing what such a contract would look like, I invite you to read our Gameplan. The Gameplan sets out core agreements that a family can make together about responsible online use, and provides a solid bedrock of principles that if applied will lead to safer online interactions.

The one part of the article that I find a bit strange is the following sentence: “In fact, 95% of all abuse and exploitation can be prevented through education.” 95% is a pretty big percentage to be throwing around without any source or research to back it up. While we see education as a core necessity in Internet safety, I fail to see how this deals with situations like typosquatting and some cases of predation and cyberbullying.

Do you believe that education alone can keep a child safe online, or do you believe that a combination of both education, rules, and the necessary tools to enforce those rules is the safest route?

Posted on by Stanley Holditch