My mom is a warrior. Not in the traditional sense. She doesn’t wield a sword or a machine gun but she still dispatches her foes with the same ferocious skills as Aragon or Rambo. My mom is always praying for her children (4 of them) and grandchildren (13 of them). I know her foes hate when she does that. As my mom closes her eyes I imagine this older woman transforming into this fierce warrior. She looks across the battlefield and sees her family surrounded by a stinking horde. She rips across the battlefield, sword in hand, cleaving her way through the massing army with bone crunching efficiency. Seeing the futility of facing this warrior the horde scatters hoping to escape the sting of her massive blade. As the fog or war clears the warrior stands beside her family. The horde has been crushed. Her family is safe.

So who is this stinking horde my mom is always praying we’re safe from. When I was young am sure it was anything that may steal my innocence. Today, unfortunately, there are so many more things that can steal our kids innocence. Moms have to face not only Internet pornography but also sexting, cyber-bullying and online predators. The horde has grown and the battlefield is more intense.

So how do moms make sure they’re battle ready to face the growing masses out to steal their kids innocence? Education is one weapon. The better you know the dangers the better you can help your kids in the battle. So many kids have been lost on the battlefield because their parents didn’t even know they were in danger. Setting up a good defense perimeter is another good battle strategy. You can do this by setting up Internet use guidelines for the home. Schools have them and students have to sign them. Homes should have guidelines also. Add to that a strong Internet filter and chat monitoring tools and you are on your way to a good defensive perimeter.

And moms don’t forget prayer. When I was young I always remember my mom sitting in the same chair in our living room with her Bible in her lap and her eyes closed in prayer. She prayed for God’s protection over me and for His guidance. And over 3 decades latter she still does. Moms I know the battle is tough but never give up and never surrender. Your kids are counting on you!