This week, we’re beginning our series on being open and accountable, and as parents, part of the way that we do this with our kids is through having ongoing, honest conversations with them about issues like sex, purity, pornography, technology and relationships.  Today, we’re hoping you will open the door to start talking about purity, and we would also encourage you to check out Craig’s new book (HERE) that deals in depth with the critical importance of openenss and accountability.  We’ll be looking more at these themes over the next several weeks, so stay tuned!



Need a creative way to talk about purity? Try a Lamborghini. I’ll explain:

For your children, the temptations are coming, if not here already.  To dress a little more adult.  To show and see a little more skin. To talk with more salt and less sweet.

It’s because they’re being told – in whispers and screams, online, onscreen, in print, in their ears, in their hearts – that they need to be different.  That purity is a punchline. That their bodies are tools instead of treasures, and they must abandon their morals and dignity to be complete and loved and happy.

These are lies, of course, and our job is to keep convincing them of that.  Their friends and movies and playlists and news feed and favorites will work against us, though.  So will their ever-changing bodies.

How can we convince them that it’s OK to stay pure and classy?

Here’s where the Lamborghini comes in.

Lamborghnis are pretty cool cars.  It’s sleek, fast, incredibly powerful, and unbelievably expensive.  Only a select few in this world have anywhere near the mindset – let alone the resources – to be in the same ZIP code as this car, let alone drive it home.

You’ve gotta love cars to afford this thing.  You save and sacrifice for years to be in the right financial and attitudinal situation to have it. These cars are for discerning men, not depraved boys. Men have to know how to care for a Lamborghini: build a special garage for it, hire only the best people to maintain it, treat it with respect and care.  You don’t let just anyone behind the wheel.  Owning one is considered an achievement and an investment to show off with pride for years.

Now think of virtually every other car out there that you see everyday – Hondas, Chryslers, Toyotas, Chevys, Fords.

Some of them are nice.  They’ll get you where you need to go. You may even be proud of yours for a bit.

But nearly all of them will be worn out in a few short years.  They’re not built to last.  They’re not investments.  They’re meant to be used up and traded away until they meet their ignoble end at the junkyard.

They’re cheap in comparison to a Lamborghini.

And how many ads have you seen for these cheap cars? More than you know.  We’ve all heard the cheesy local dealer’s jingles on TV and the radio.  You can’t go more than a few minutes without being pummeled into submission by car salesman desperately trying to convince you how much you need their piece of shiny cheapness in the driveway. 

How many ads do you see for Lamborghinis? 


They don’t need to scream their value from the rooftops.  They don’t need to put on ridiculous airs to claw and beg for attention and business.   And when a man is ready for one – REALLY ready for one – he’ll find it on his own. 

Lamborghinis don’t need to advertise.  Cheap stuff does.

Don’t advertise. Don’t sell out. Don’t settle for the lowest bidder who doesn’t have the first clue about what it takes to take care of you. And don’t let a temporary cheap imitation keep you away from genuine happiness. 

You were fearfully and wonderfully made, kids. Wait for what’s right. Don’t settle for what’s right now. 

Yes, you may wait a little longer than others but it will be worth it…and worthy of you.

You deserve nothing less.