What do the following news headlines have in common?

• Woman arrested for “broadcasting pornography”

• Local Substitute Teacher Charged With Child Pornography

• Former Blues official reaches plea deal in porn case

• Jail time for youth counselor who had child porn

• Former Blues official reaches plea deal in porn case

The answer: They’re all headlines that came out today. And these are just a fraction of today’s stories. The moral decay in society is evident in each news cycle. There is another common thread that runs through these stories. Everyone charged or arrested for their porn related activities in these stories were kids at one time. Now I have no idea how these people were raised or what was or wasn’t allowed in their homes as they grew up. But as parents we have the opportunity to lay a strong foundation of right and wrong for our kids to follow. As moral standards decay that decay is passed on to each generation until there is little morality left.

Child pornography arrests are a common story in the daily news cycle. But will a day come when it’s legal in the US? I hope not but who would have thought that a cartoon character would be on the cover Playboy. The current issue has Marge Simpson, from “The Simpsons” cartoon, on the cover along with a multi-page nude spread of her. Unreal! Why did Playboy choose to use this cartoon character for the cover? According to Playboy they wanted to attract a younger audience to their magazine. Much of the audience who watches this cartoon can’t even legally buy Playboy. But apparently that doesn’t matter to Playboy.

So are we going to be a generation of parents who lets the moral standards decay further or are we going to hold the line? Are we going to empower are children so they in turn can hold the line? I hope so because it’s up to us. None of us want our kids to grow up to be the person in one of the above headlines.