A Round TuitThe New Year is here. 2014 has arrived and we’re gonna take it by storm. The slate is clean and a fresh start is upon us. We’re gonna fix the things in our lives that need fixin’ and do the things that we know we need to start doing…maybe.

A New Year usually starts off strong in our minds. We envision the person we want to be and the things we want to do. So we make our New Year’s resolutions with great anticipation for how we’re going to be a better person than we were the year before. Of course we can’t even recall the New Year’s resolutions we made the previous year, but we press on nonetheless. And within a week, or sometimes within days, something evil starts creeping back into our lives. This “evil” is subtle and very tricky. It’s called…”routine” and it’s easy to fall back into it; like not working out in the morning or not eating salads for lunch. It’s hard to change our routine and we naturally want to slip back into it. It feels good just like your favorite pair of jeans.

So our thought process starts to change from “I’m gonna do it!” to “I’ll do it when I get around to it”. When it comes to your kids and Internet safety you might have thought that 2014 was the year you were going to really make sure they were protected. You were finally going to get an Internet Filter, like X3Watch, for your home computers and mobile devices (the Apple and Android devices your kids may have gotten for Christmas). 2014 was also the year you were going to finally have that somewhat difficult talk with your kids about porn and its dangers. But then routine creeps in. Nothing bad has happened so far with your kids and the Internet, as far as you know, so there is no rush. The urgency that the New Year brought starts to fade and you think, “I’ll do it, when I get around to it.”

Years ago someone gave me a coin called “A Round Tuit”. Stamped on it are the words “You no longer have an excuse.” So I am passing my “A Round Tuit” coin virtually onto you. So have the porn talk with your kids today and get that Internet filter. You got the “A Round Tuit” you’ve been waiting for so you no longer have an excuse!