As the holidays approach the people from Safeeyes are right; using a filter if a big thing with these new Internet tools.  Safeeyes is the filter that we endorse.

IPhones and IPod touches are going to be flying off the shelves this holiday season, and we are urging parents giving these devices as gifts to young kids to protect them from harmful Internet content.

Even though smartphones are certainly nothing new, many of us non-digital natives (born before 1990) aren’t mentally conditioned to think of a phone as a computer, but with the iPhone and iPod Touch’s internet browsing capabilities, that’s precisely what they are.

Unfortunately, for many parents and young kids who receive these devices as gifts, that realization comes after the child has seen something inappropriate that upset them, which doesn’t make for the best post-present experience.

If you are considering buying an iPhone or iPod Touch for your child this season, please consider downloading and installing the Safe Eyes Mobile browser, with our award-winning filtering technology built-in, to protect your child from harmful web content. Before you wrap it up and place it under the tree, make sure that their experience with their new toy is a pleasant one.

You can get Safe Eyes Mobile in the iTunes app store, and there are instructions for installing and using it in our support center.