Later this week, Kevin Outland is going to share some important advice regarding what kids really wish their parents would talk to them about as it relates to sex.  As we start that conversation, I thought it would be important to state what may appear obvious: we should be talking to our kids about sex. 

One of the key principles we try to promote in the parents’ section of the site is that it’s critical to have ongoing conversations with your kids about sex, pornography and healthy body image.  Kids today are surrounded by many confusing messages about sex—in the music they listen to, in the shows they watch and in many of the magazines they read.  Even so-called “family” programs often seem to promote premarital sex and make light of pornography use.  It’s up to you to help your kids understand fact from fiction and establish healthy boundaries for themselves. 

Unfortunately, so many of the kids I talk to tell me that—other than explaining body parts and how a baby is made—their parents have never followed up with them, checked in on them, or started a conversation that moves anywhere beyond the most basic of sex talks.  Our kids want and need our guidance.  To help, we have a quick and easy resource (appropriately called “The Talk”) that you should check out today to get started.