Do a news search on “masturbating” in Google and you’ll come up with some strange stories that seem to have a common theme. Somebody did it and they’re going to jail for it. Masturbating isn’t against the law unless you do it in public. But some people apparently never get the memo on that. In one of the stories I read, a guy was masturbating outside the county jail so his girlfriend and other inmates could watch. Who came up with this bright idea? Can you imagine the phone call where this plan was hatched? “Hey honey I have this great idea. Why don’t you come to the jail I’m in, go outside the window and…”. Did this couple not realize that at a jail there are police and surveillance cameras? It’s no wonder this gal is in jail and her boyfriend will soon be. 

In a sadder story a 61-year-old man was arrested for masturbating in front of a 6-year-old girl. This happened as he sat in a chair on his driveway and the 6-year-old girl was sitting across from him. Sick! Fortunately someone saw this happening and he got caught. But again this guy was on his driveway out in the open!

So what is going on here? These are just two stories of men masturbating in public, but these stories aren’t anything new unfortunately. What causes these people to loose their inhibition? What drives them to want to masturbate in front of other people? Here is my thought. Sex was not created for you to experience alone. God created sex for a married man and woman to experience together. There is a built in desire for sex to be a shared experience. These men wanted the shared experience. Albeit in a twisted sense but shared none the less. I believe a life of masturbation (sexual isolation) can cause, for some, a loss of inhibition because their desire for a shared experience is so strong. We were not made to experience sex in isolation.

Masturbation is a fake for the real thing. You live in that fantasyland for long enough and it may eventually spill out into reality in a very bad way.