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“Why are we all embracing conventional wisdom when the world acts just so unconventional?” — Built to Spill

This line from Built to Spill increasingly applies to online safety. The Internet simply changes too often for “conventional wisdom” to keep up, and nothing changes more often on the Internet than Facebook’s privacy settings.

One mom recently discovered that the conventional wisdom of friending your kids on Facebook was no longer working. Though she was her daughter’s friend on Facebook, she wasn’t seeing any of her daughter’s status updates, and was instead finding out about them through mothers of her daughter’s friends. And the reason why is because Facebook is trying to give its users more control over their privacy settings.

The daughter had gone into privacy settings and made it so that her mother (or anyone else she chose) could not see her updates. These same settings can be applied to all of Facebook, including comments on posts, friend’s posts, and photos. Here’s how it works:

From privacy settings, she chose Personal Information and Posts, and probably selected posts by me, and chose customize:

She then likely selected to hide posts from her mom, or anyone else she might not want seeing them:

What this illustrates is that manual monitoring of web activity is increasingly becoming an exercise in frustration, where the parent is at a clear knowledge disadvantage to the kid. That’s why we do our best to make parents aware, but also provide Safe Eyes parental control software, which does the monitoring for them so that they can enjoy their kids instead of constantly playing cyber-detective.

Readers, were you aware of this capability in Facebook?