You have got to wonder when parents will keep their teens off of MySpace? I’ve talked about the dangers of MySpace in the past which is reason enough to keep your teens off. But here’s another reason, teens often don’t use their brain when they post stuff on their MySpace pages. Teens will post pictures of themselves doing all kids of off-color or inappropriate things. What they don’t think about is that potential employers often check the MySpace profiles of potential employees. That could end their chance at that summer job they were hoping for. Even current employers will check in on their employees MySpace profiles. Just this week 3 teen girls got themselves into “hot water” when they decided to take a bath in their employers big sink that’s used to clean dishes. How did their employer, KFC, catch them? One of the girls posted pictures of the occasion on her MySpace page. Apparently the girl left her brain in the sink. What was she thinking? For the complete story follow this link:

Believe it or not this isn’t the first time this year an employee has gotten in trouble for taking a bath in their employers sink and posting it on MySpace. It happened at a Burger King this past August and the employee was fired. Now I did some dumb things when I was a teen but taking pictures of the event and posting them where the whole world could see them never came to mind.

It not just posting pictures that can get your teens in trouble on MySpace. Sometimes its what they say that can come back to haunt them (and their parents). There have been several stories of teens posting that they’re having a party and their parents aren’t going to be home on their MySpace pages. Can you guess what happened? Hundreds of kids show up, the party gets out of control and the house gets trashed. One story I read said the house sustained over $40,000 in damage. Ouch! I bet that parent wished their teen wasn’t on MySpace. Of course this could have happened without MySpace but MySpace just makes it a whole lot easier.

Parents, we know our teens are probably going to make mistakes. The problem with allowing your teens on MySpace is that when they make a mistake the whole world can end up seeing and hearing about it. It can impact their future employment, could land them in jail and you could end up footing the bill. This is all on top of the other MySpace dangers I wrote about earlier (to read more on that go here: