Perez Hilton puts another nude picture of Miley Cyrus on the Internet. Lindsay Lohan defends her porn star role in an upcoming film. Hustler is making a 3D Avatar porn film. These are just a few of today’s headlines.

What the heck is going on? Miley and Lindsay are (where) kids stars. I think Perez is a jerk for posting nude photo’s of Miley Cyrus online. She is still a child (she’s 17) so that child pornography. I hope he has to stand if front of a judge and explain himself. But did you see how Miley dressed at the MuchMusic video awards? Her outfit’s barely covered her and sometimes things were exposed as she danced around. She has millions of fans that are kids and I hope they weren’t watching. Apparently Miley wants to grow up. But why does growing up have to mean dressing like a slut?

Now onto Lindsay Lohan. She’s had a lot of personal struggles since her days as a child star. She had a lot of great movies but as she got older her films just weren’t doing much at the box office. So her stardom started to fade. That doesn’t always sit well with someone used to the limelight. So how do you get your star to rise again? Play the role of a porn star (Linda Lovelace) in an independent film. Why this extreme choice?

And then there is Hustler. They’re setting out to make the most expensive porn film to date. A 3D Avatar like film that is actually based on the Avatar aliens. A film seen by 10’s or millions of kids now set to be made into a porn film.

Is there a trend here? Kids stars wanting to expose their bodies to the world and a kid film turning into porn. What do kids think about all this? I think it all starts to desensitize them. I think it starts to mess up their inner moral compass; all without ever visiting a porn site. They don’t need to. They can see a half naked Miley Cyrus on a video awards show. So parents keep an eye on those “child stars” that your kids look up to. You never know how they’re going to turn out. Remember when Britney Spears was a sweet kid star who said she wanted to remain a virgin until she got married? That sweetness seemed to fade fast. I think Miley must have been a fan. It seems she’s following in her footsteps.