Jackie Kennedy was not only the First Lady, but she was also the epitome of class and style. So it’s no wonder she said, “Sex is a bad thing because it rumples the clothes.” Maybe in the heat of the moment her clothes ended up scattered on the floor. So when she went to put them back on, they didn’t have that clean crisp look she was famous for. She looked rumpled. 

I hope her “Sex is a bad thing…” comment was tongue-in-cheek. Sex in the confines of marriage should be awesome no matter what impact it has on your clothes afterwards. Here are some examples of when sex is a bad thing: 

  • Sex is a bad thing when it’s not with your husband or wife.
  • Sex is a bad thing when you’re watching it happen in a porn video.
  • Sex is a bad thing when you’re reading a book with a hot sex scene. 
  • Sex is a bad thing when you’re looking at it in a porn magazine.
  • Sex is a bad thing when you’re watching it on a TV show.
  • Sex is a bad thing when your thinking about it in your head, and the person you’re thinking about isn’t your spouse.

Maybe you can add to the “Sex is a bad thing when…” list. I think we’ve become desensitized about sex and its rightful place because we’re surrounded by images, videos and stories of sex out of the context it was meant for. When was the last time you’ve seen or heard a story that contained sex between a happily married couple? That kind of sex isn’t celebrated. But that is when sex is really awesome. I am not just saying that. There have been studies done like the one by the University of Chicago titled “Sex in America: A Definitive Survey”. Here is one nugget that came out of this study: Researchers discovered, to their surprise, that the one group of adult females most likely to experience orgasm during intercourse with their primary partner was conservative Protestant women. That should get you thinking.

Great sex is worth waiting for. So married couples when the moment strikes you throw your clothes all over the floor and don’t worry if they get rumpled. That’s why God helped us invent irons.