Earlier this week, Kevin Outland highlighted some of the warning signs to watch out for that may indicate that your kid is communicating with an online predator, and earlier this summer we talked about a few warning signs that may indicate your kid is viewing pornography.

Although we will be continuing to examine issues regarding protecting your kids from pornography, predators and other online threats (like cyberbullying, sexting and dangers relating to social networking) throughout the year, we’d love to benefit from your stories and advice specifically about how to protect kids from online predators and Internet strangers.

The research has shown that one out of seven kids will receive a sexual solicitation online.  Although the vast majority of these solicitations reflect teen-to-teen solicitations, it’s still extremely concerning that teens are communicating with strangers and receiving sexual messages from strangers online.

So, what have you done as a parent to protect your kids?  Or, if you are a teen, what would you recommend parents do to help protect their kids from online strangers?

Each week this month, we will be posing a question for you to answer, and, at the beginning of each month, we’ll post some of the most helpful feedback you all provided to encourage one another as we parent in the virtual world.

We’re looking forward to learning from you!