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According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, most Americans don’t think that viewing pornography is harmless or morally acceptable.

I found this rather interesting since pornography is one of if not the most readily available entertainment genres in this country and across the world. This is, of course, because it is easily available for anyone on the Internet, instantly, at no cost. Pornographic sites currently make up 12 percent of all sites on the web.

If you think about how vast and varied the modern cyberscape is, that is an astounding number. 2006 estimates put the number of pornographic sites on the net at 4.6 million, with 460 million pages of pornography. Considering that some estimates say 260 new porn sites are added to the Internet each day, the number of sites will be closer to five million by the end of this year.

The survey was conducted at the behest of Morality in Media, an organization which carries an obvious bias against anything pornographic, but when one looks at the actual questions of the survey, the claim that 76 percent of Americans don’t condone pornography has veracity. You can review the questions here.

The originators of the survey make a salient point when they say that the consumption of pornography does not necessarily indicate acceptance of it. In other words, just because people are looking at pornography does not mean that they approve of what they themselves are doing, which certainly lends credence to the theory that pornography is an addictive substance like some drugs. We do know that viewing pornography can trigger some of the same neurochemical reactions in the brain.

So, the bigger question from this study must be, if the majority of Americans don’t find online pornography acceptable, why do so many Americans let it into their home?