What is the latest Internet craze that could expose your kids to inappropriate content? Do you know? As a parent it can be kind of difficult to stay up on what is going on online. And it can change so fast that if someone gave you a manual, it’d probably be outdated in month.

That doesn’t mean you can just give up. Your kids’ minds and future are at stake. Fortunately the tool that can bring so many problems into our home, the Internet, is also the tool that can keep you educated on the issues. There is a reason the gang at XXXchurch writes so many blogs each month. We want to keep as many people as possible educated. So since you’re reading this I say “Bravo!” to you. You’re taking an important step to keep up with the dangers your kids may be facing online.

Of course we’re not the only source of helpful information. As a matter of fact I came across interesting graphic chart called “The Numbers Behind Pornography”. It’s pretty eye opening. And since a lot of parents are in the dark about what’s happening in the world of porn I thought this might be helpful. I’ve provided a link to the chart below but here are some of the facts:

– “Only 3% of adult web sites require age verification”. No wonder it’s so easy for kids to get access to porn online.

– “43% of all Internet users view pornographic materials…1 out of 3 are female”. That’s a wake up call for parents who think they only need to worry about what their sons are doing online. Girls are looking at porn online as well.

– “10% of porn users admit to being addicted to pornography”. Yes you can get addicted. It makes you wonder how many people (including kids) are addicts.

– “Companies like Time Warner, GM and Marriot make millions selling erotica”. GM is selling porn? Maybe if they just stuck to selling cars they wouldn’t have needed to get bailed out by the government.

– “The United States spends $13.6 billion on porn”. That’s a lot of cash and I assumed we’d be #1 but we’re #4. Any guesses on what countries are the top 3 spenders? 

There are a lot more interesting numbers on the chart. You can check it out here: http://www.businesspundit.com/the-numbers-behind-pornography/. Oh, and if you’re a parent and you live in Utah there is something you’re #1 at. Not that I’d tell anyone if I were you J.

Parents stay educated. You can help keep your kids safe online.