Here’s a word you probably haven’t heard of before: Teledildonics. It’s a word you probably wish you didn’t have to know about. But since one of the things we try to do here is make sure parents aren’t naïve about what’s happening on the web in regards to porn, you’re going to find out.

Teledildonics, according to Webster’s Online Dictionary, is sex in a computer simulated virtual reality. Webster’s goes on the say that the term was actually coined back in the 1980’s and the concept was that the technology could be used for remote sex where the physical sensations of touch could be transmitted over a data link between the participants. Well it’s now 2012, and this concept has now become reality.  An article this month in tell the story of a company that has developed Internet-connected devices that a user, which they called “a performer” or “paid cam girl”, can manipulate on their end, and the other user, on the other end (a male), can feel to the point of orgasm. Virtual sex with a stranger has now taking a large leap forward. It’s now possible to feel the touch of a stranger you’re connected to online. If that thought doesn’t send shivers down your spine I don’t know what will. These same devices, let’s just call them what they are… sex toys with brains, can also simulate the feeling of what is happening in a porn movie for the viewer.

So why do you need to know about this? Teledildonics could be the next level of porn addiction. Now, not only can your kids see what’s happening on their computer screen, they can also feel what’s happening on the computer screen with one of these devices. And the fact that a stranger could sexually stimulate your kids remotely is just plain freaky. Some of you are probably thinking that your kids wouldn’t have access to these types of devices. In the past many parents thought their kids didn’t have access to porn, pot or alcohol but many parents found out the hard way they did.

Kids are resourceful and seem to find a way to get access. So now you’re aware of the next trend in Internet porn…teledildonics.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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