Violence in porn films is no longer the exception but the rule according to a study titled, “Aggression and sexual behavior in best-selling pornography videos: a content analysis update”. The study found high levels of physical aggression (including gagging, slapping) and verbal aggression in 88.2% of the 304 scenes they reviewed. The targets of the aggression were overwhelmingly female according to the study. 

88% of porn movies show women getting slapped around, gagged and all while being called horrible names. That is staggering. Further study shows many of the popular acts in porn films are double (two penis’s) anal and double vaginal penetration and men gagging women with their penises. It’s no wonder that some reports say that the average female porn career lasts only 3 months because of the physical abuse their bodies go through.

This is not the type of behavior that we want to become normalized. If this is the type of porn a teen watches week after week and year after year doesn’t this eventually become their “normal”? Isn’t it easy to see them coming around to the idea that this is what women like? When they get into a relationship is it a stretch to think they might want to try some of the “moves” they’ve learned from violent porn? Do you think they might want to pressure their girlfriends into trying things they don’t want to do?

I think we could safely answer, “Yes” to most of the above questions. That is sad but it is the reality of where porn can lead our kids today. Not to mention the dangerous sexual compromises and abuse our daughters could face from the fallout. If you weren’t convinced you needed filters (like our X3watchPRO or the parental controls provided through SafeEyes) on your Internet connected devices I hope you are now. Porn has gone way beyond the pin-up. It has gotten violent.