Hey parents, ever heard of Snapchat? How about WeChat, Vine, Pheed, or Kik? For those of you who don’t know, these are some of the hottest social media apps that your kids are using today. Social media apps they prefer over Facebook!

Here’s a better question. Are your kids using them and what the heck do they do?

As parents in ever changing world of technology, it’s really difficult to keep tabs on all of the new tools, apps, and sites that are creeping up everywhere all competing for your kid’s attention. Some are good, some are ok (depending on your child’s age), and some are just downright awful.

Of course, who has the time to vet all of these things? Between work, paying the bills, and everything else there is a little time left over to do research. However, if your kid’s safety is a priority then you need to get answers to all of these questions and hundreds more.

This is why we are introducing iParent.tv. iParent.tv is a subscription based, resource filled website designed entirely around one idea … to help parents keep ahead of the tech curve so they can spend their time worrying about other things, like being a great parent. iParent.tv does all of the research and gives you all the answers. Answers vetted by people who know technology and know what’s hot and not in youth culture.

Watch this video and hear what youth pastor Rachel Ceballos has to say about Snapchat and some other popular apps. Then head over to the iParent.tv launch site and preorder your annual subscription for only $29.99 (Tweet This)