Parents: Buckle up.  This month, we’re focusing on those questions that you’ve been afraid to bring up at your weekly parent’s group meeting, including:

What do I do when…

  • I catch my son/daughter looking at pornography?
  • I find my son/daughter masturbating?
  • I discover a sext on my son/daughter’s phone?
  • I realize my son/daughter is being bullied?
  • I catch my spouse looking at pornography?
  • My son’s friend/daughter’s friend showed him/her porn?
  • My daughter wants to buy sexy underwear?
  • I walk in on my son having sex with his girlfriend?
  • My wife is reading 50 Shades of Grey?

Remember that, in all of these scenarios, especially those involving your children to remain calm and levelheaded.  Your first response will often set the stage for ongoing conversation.  Take a step back and breathe rather than letting your fear, anger or disappointment take the lead.  Stay tuned over the next month as we dive into the specifics!