I’ve been an enthusiastic amateur photographer and videographer for over a decade now. I’m learning something everyday about how to capture not just an image but a story.

It’s also taught me a great deal about being open. 

As a photographer, you have to be constantly aware of light. Where it comes from is important; every light source puts out a different color and quality of light. What it hits is important; how it reflects off of, or is absorbed by, a surface will affect the image you capture. 

As a Christian, I have to know where my true light comes from and constantly be on guard against the counterfeits conspiring to steal God’s glory. I have to know how I reflect that light as well, because what I put out will influence what others will capture…or be captured by.

If a picture speaks a 1,000 words, it stands to reason that the pictures I’m creating and making with my life – and viewing within it – are speaking many thousands more words about the life within me. 

Stay pure. Stay open. And stay in the light.