Parents, we want to make you aware of a new resource in the parent section of the site.  Our “Ask an Expert” resource allows you to submit the personal questions you have regarding parenting your kids and receive personalized guidance from clinicians, Internet safety experts, law enforcement and other parents we work with.

Following any presentation I’ve given to parents about online safety and pornography’s impact on children, I will often spend an hour or two just answering the many questions raised regarding parenting today.

Often, parents are struggling with how to talk about sex and pornography with their kids in an age-appropriate fashion.  Some have realized that their two- or three-year-old has been exposed to harmful content, and they aren’t sure what to do.  A few may have discovered that their kids are experimenting or engaging in risky behaviors due to their exposure to pornography online.  Many have basic tech-related questions, and they just need someone to give them a few pointers about setting up parental controls or to talk with them about setting healthy online safety boundaries with their kids.

Whatever the question is, we hope you will take advantage of this anonymous resource.  We will also periodically post the answers and advice provided from our experts so the parents in our community can benefit from the response in the “Expert Answers” portion of the site.