Well… it happens every once and a while. You hear stories of it all the time, and perhaps not as often as you would like. Parents and teens come together and have “the talk”, and certain decisions and boundaries are made because of it. It’s a great thing, right? You get everyone on the same page with an action plan going forward. If only the stories were heard even more often. If only that was what I was talking about.

This however, is a different story. It’s the one about a boy who thought he could get away with it. It’s almost (read sarcastically) too bad he forgot he and his parents had an action plan. You see, they installed x3Watch on their computer, discussed what it was all about, and went on their way. Not too much after that, the student thought he would try to bypass the system and erase his history. Oops. The parents got that report. Seems like x3Watch works independently of web browser history. Then he tried to delete the program, and that seemed to work. Until his parents got an email saying the program was deleted. Then they checked the browser history and found just what they thought they would: pages filled with filth.

Yup; got caught. Red handed. Red faced. “What’s done in secret, is wide open in heaven,” (unknown author), and now that secret is wide open before he and his parents. It has been exposed, and now it was to be dealt with.

Sin has a screwy way of sinking its teeth into the soft part of the soul. Sexual sin has a particular way of grabbing ahold and not letting go. However, when parents and children have a shared game plan, these things can be overcome together.

The kid got hosed, deservedly so… and he knew it. His parents knew it. Now they had to come together again and reemphasize the plan. That’s the critical piece: the PLAN. Maybe now it’s time to bump up the accountability a bit. Perhaps more drastic measures.

You’re the parents. What would you do if this was your kid?