1. You are adamant that it is not your issue

2. Your eyes scan every woman who walks into the room

3. You unexpectedly go silent

4. You find yourself searching for sexual partners online just for research

5. You go out of your way to drive by strip clubs

6. You call escorts to ask questions without making a commitment

7. You erase your temporary Internet history daily

8. You only search the web after clicking on the “start private browsing” tab

9. You masturbate every day or every other day

10. Whenever you are alone you look at porn

11. You schedule your day around when you will view porn

12. You work overtime at work to make up for time looking at porn

13. You have secrets

14. Your idea of telling the truth is not getting caught lying

15. You can’t have an orgasm with a real person

16. You think strangers notice you and “want” you

17. You stare through your neighbor’s windows

18. You sleep with prostitutes

19. You spend money you don’t have to satisfy the urge

20. You know your actions will destroy your life yet still choose to engage

21. You tell half-truths

22. If you have had multiple sexual affairs

23. If you go the gym and workout your eyes instead of your muscles

24. If you have hidden porn

25. If you talk dirty with strangers

26. If you have relationships (sexual or non) that your spouse is not aware exist

27. If you stay up late surfing channels for a glimpse of skin

28. If you subscribe to a men’s magazine

29. If you undress women with your eyes as a regular practice

30. If you buy condoms even though you are single and don’t have a sexual partner