How many times have you been in a moment of decision regarding sin and simply closed your ears to the voice of God? I have the feeling that the answer is many.

In my journey towards greater purity I went through this stage where I posted the words, Dead to sin and alive in Christ, in my car. When temptation to cross the line of lust appeared, I would verbally say these words aloud in my car. Over time it became a habit for me and I would find myself regularly remembering my position with Jesus and my freedom from sin. However, even after I spoke these words of truth, there would be times I still found myself choosing to enter into the realm  of lust. It was like I knew the truth, I was verbalizing God’s voice, but I still chose to ignore the truth.

I even remember one time I began to allow my mind to enter into sin only to notice myself singing a worship song. It was almost as if I was singing the song in my subconscious as I battled with lust.

The dilemma, listen to the voice of God or sell him out to a cheap substitute.

The last part of Romans 1:17 says, “Ignoring God leads to a downward spiral.”

I have experienced this downward spiral multiple times in my life. When I think I am strong and yet I allow just a little of my sinful nature to rule, I quickly begin to loose the battle. When you allow something other than God to control your life the downward spiral begins and we ask ourselves, “How did I get this far away from God?”

It isn’t that the spiral feels like a ride at an amusement park in which the dip is very evident. The downward spiral feels more like the slow drift of an ocean. It is almost unnoticeable how far you have drifted until you look back to where you started. Often times sin leads us into a slow fade further and further from God.

Are you ignoring God this morning when it comes to your sexual purity? Have you entered into a downward spiral away from God? Stop today, listen to his voice, read his words, and recommit yourself to the journey.