I will be attempting to answer that question in a four part series of blogs starting on Tuesday. Accountability is mission critical for pastors. The pastoral call to live a life above reproach, setting the model life, and living like Jesus Christ so that others may follow, is not always an easy one. In fact, it is bare-knuckles difficult.

Because of this, we want to encourage our pastoral readers to be the stand-up people God wants and needs them to be over the course of four weeks. Therefore, the PASTOR’S section of the x3 blogs will be focused solely on Accountability for Pastors. For the next four weeks, here are our focuses: 

Part One: How to be transparent with your superiors.

Part Two: How to be transparent with your accountability partner.

Part Three: How to be transparent with your spouse.

Part Four: How to be transparent with your church. 

We are praying in advance, that as you read these posts, you are encouraged to be the kind of pastors God has always desired you to be, and the ones that you always hoped for.

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