There is this self-destructive thought out there that if people knew who you really were, they would be disgusted and head for the hills. After all, who wants a pastor who is a mess, who can’t keep their life in order, whose baggage is up front and center? The thing is, we are all messed up, and some more than others. This is this pedestal that pastors are placed on, and when they fall down, they fall down incredibly hard. 

It should not surprise you then that it’s difficult for a pastor to be transparent with their superiors. If they have the same reaction that everyday people have, this pastor would be out of a job. The goal here is that we need to change this construct. We need to break down the walls of fear between employee and employer, especially one in the church. We want to help facilitate healthy communication between pastor and lead pastor, elder board, or whatever governing council you may have. How can we do this? Check out the bulleted list below and begin working on a plan to implement these with your superiors, in an effort to keep your integrity intact, your ministry accountable, and your transparency… apparent. Let us all be holy, because He is holy. 

  1. Present your struggles to your superiors. Being vulnerable to your superiors shows that you are humble and teachable. 
  2. Work on an accountability plan with your supervisors. Use x3watch with a n accountability partner and develop a system where you check in with your superior regularly. The more you communicate, the less you falter.
  3. Regularly discuss your struggles and acknowledge slip-ups when they occur. When you make a mistake, pick up the phone right away. It’s not about ridding the guilt, but rather about creating an open relationship with another Christian who wants to sharpen you. 
  4. Never hide anything – What’s done in secret is wide open in heaven. If you attempt to cover something up, you will eventually be found out. Not only does covering up hurt you, it hurts your family, church, and the name of God. Strive for holiness and an above board life in all areas. 
  5. Work through this as friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, and not just church employees. Your superiors are in their position because God put them there. They don’t want to harm you or get your fired. In fact, they’re probably your biggest cheerleaders. Work through issues together and see what a true Christian family can become.

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