Now if you thought being transparent with your superiors was difficult, and if you thought it was gut wrenching to be vulnerable with your accountability partner, I can almost feel you wriggling around in your chair uncomfortably right now, as if the hammer of guilt and awkwardness were crushing down upon your skull. Because we all know, there is nothing more difficult to accept than the fact that you have disappointed your spouse. 

You see, this is that one person who can see right into your soul; who can pierce the innermost you. And no matter how hard you try to cover up the fact that you are a user, they know. And you know that they know. Now, they may not be admitting it or cutting you down because of it, but they know it. They can feel it. There’s this change in you that they have witnessed, and the rough stuff is about to begin. 

So how can you be be transparent with your spouse, knowing that it will crush their soul? The truth is, it will be more than difficult, and perhaps the hardest thing you may have ever done. The fact remains though, that this needs to happen – you need to be transparent with your spouse. More than your work superiors, more than your accountability partner, more than any other person on the planet; you need to be transparent with the one you share your whole life with. That one person you said “I do” to, the one you committed yourself to, the one who prays for you daily and lifts you up when others tear you down. This is your other half, the one who completes you. 

Remember the steps we have spoke about through our posts from superiors and accountability partners? These same steps apply here as well to your spouse. Here they are again, contextualized for the marriage relationship: 

  1. Present your struggles to your spouse.
  2. Work on an accountability plan with your spouse.
  3. Regularly discuss your struggles and acknowledge slip-ups when they occur.
  4. Never hide anything.
  5. Let your spouse know how you are working on this with your superiors and accountability partner.
  6. Work through this as… 
    1. … friends; brothers and sisters in Christ.
    2. … lovers; people who share the most intimate parts of their lives together.

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